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Conservative States Score Major Win Over Biden's EPA in New Supreme Court Ruling

The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency lacked the authority to strong-arm the country into making a nationwide transition away from fossil fuels.

The court’s 6-3 ruling in West Virginia v. EPA dealt a massive blow to the Biden administration’s radical efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the country.

The ruling defanged much of the agency’s coercive power to compel companies and local authorities into meeting President Joe Biden’s goal of halving greenhouse emissions by 2030 and reaching net-zero emissions by 2050.

“Capping carbon dioxide emissions at a level that will force a nationwide transition away from the use of coal to generate electricity may be a sensible ‘solution to the crisis of the day.’ … But it is not plausible that Congress gave EPA the authority to adopt on its own such a regulatory scheme,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the majority opinion.

“A decision of such magnitude and consequence rests with Congress itself, or an agency acting pursuant to a clear delegation from that representative body,” Roberts said.

“Congress did not grant EPA in Section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act the authority to devise emissions caps based on the generation shifting approach the Agency took in the Clean Power Plan,” the court said.

In her dissenting opinion, Justice Elena Kagan decried the ruling as one that “strips” the EPA “of the power Congress gave it to respond to ‘the most pressing environmental challenge of our time.'”

“The court appoints itself — instead of Congress or the expert agency — the decisionmaker on climate policy,” Kagan wrote on behalf of the three dissenting justices, who also included Stephen Breyer and Sonia Sotomayor. “I cannot think of many things more frightening.”

“We are reviewing the Supreme Court’s decision. EPA is committed to using the full scope of its existing authorities to protect public health and significantly reduce environmental pollution, which is in alignment with the growing clean energy economy,” an EPA representative told Reuters.

The Biden administration responded to the setback in a statement delivered by White House spokesman Abdullah Hassan attacking the Supreme Court over its ruling.

“This is another devastating decision from the Court that aims to take our country backwards,” Hassan said, according to Reuters.

“While the Court’s decision risks damaging our ability to keep our air clean and combat climate change, President Biden will not relent in using the authorities that he has under law to protect public health and tackle the climate change crisis,” Hassan added.

Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom joined the Biden administration in condemning the Supreme Court’s decision.

“SCOTUS sided with the fossil fuel industry, kneecapping EPA’s basic ability to tackle climate change. CA will lead this fight with our $53.9 BILLION climate commitment. We’ll reduce pollution, protect people from extreme weather & leave the world better off than we found it,” Newsom said, according to Reuters.

Meanwhile, New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called the decision “Catastrophic.”

While Democrats criticized the Supreme Court over the decision, the ruling was welcomed by many Republicans, including West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, who described it as a victory over “federal overreach.”

“Huge victory against federal overreach and the excesses of the administrative state. This is a HUGE win for West Virginia, our energy jobs and those who care about maintaining separation of powers in our nation,” Morrisey said on Twitter.

“Today’s decision by the Supreme Court is welcome news and further proves that EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) overstepped its authority by imposing enormously burdensome regulations on states to reconfigure our electric grid despite Congress’s rejection,” Republican Sen. Shelley Moore-Capito said in a statement.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas said the court’s decision was “a major victory for limited government” and a “strong rebuke of unelected bureaucrats in the swamp and the administrative state.”

“This is a lifeline to extending the use of coal,” said Harvard University law professor Jody Freedman, according to Reuters.

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Uvalde Shooter's Grandma, 66, Triumphs Over Death After Being Shot, Instantly Reminds World What She Said 1 Month Ago

For days, the world thought she was dead — the first of the many that would die on a May day that scarred the community of Uvalde, Texas, forever.

But Celia Gonzales, the first person shot by her grandson Salvador Ramos on the day of the slaughter at Robb Elementary School, defied death and has now been discharged from the hospital, according to KHOU-TV.

When a blood-covered Gonzales came out of her home that day, she told her neighbors, “Look at what he did to me,” according to the Daily Mail.

But although the 66-year-old woman is out of the hospital, her battle is far from over.

“He shot her in the face, so all of this was blown,”  Shelby Salazar, a granddaughter, said, according to WOIA-TV, pointing to her lower jaw. “He severed the main artery that pumps blood from her heart to her brain.”

For a few days, Gonzales teetered on the edge between life and death.

“The doctors stated they didn’t even know how she was alive,” Salazar said. “She was a miracle.”

She has endured nine surgeries. With her mouth wired shut, Gonzales can neither eat nor speak.  Salazar said Gonzales was alert, though.

“She’s able to understand everybody, she’s able to write and tell you what she wants to tell you,” she said.

“My grandmother is a beautiful woman, inside and out. A strong person,” Salazar said. “I hope one day she’s able to have her bubbly self back. I really do. Because I miss that.”

In a GoFundMe request for support, Natalie Salazar, Gonzales’s daughter, wrote about the family’s struggle.

“We are deeply saddened with what happened on May 24. It has my family shaken to the core, especially my mom. We give our most sincere condolences to all the families that lost a loved one that day, as my children and I have lost my little cousin Layla on my dad’s side of the family too and my nephew on my mom’s side,” she wrote.

“I speak for my children and I when I say we’ve been hit from all sides. My mom was shot in the face and left to die alone in her home by her very own grandson.

“It was by the grace of God that she was able to get up off the floor and walk to a neighbor’s home and ask for help,” she said.

“It will be months before she can even go home.”

In addition to asking for financial support, Natalie Salazar had another message for those visiting the page.

“God has called his children to come together. We need to change our ways and pray. We can not continue to spew hate. I know it will take time but we have to forgive those who have wronged us. We can not keep judging. Leave that to God. Quit tearing each other down we can not let evil win. I pray for peace and for God to comfort you in these difficult times as we ourselves our also grieving.”

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Biden Calls on Senate to Use Nuclear Option to Legalize Abortion Across the Country

President Joe Biden called for Senate Democrats to force abortion legalization into law nationwide by temporarily suspending the filibuster.

“The most important thing to be clear about is … we have to codify Roe v. Wade in the law and the way to do that is to make sure that Congress votes to do that,” Biden told reporters during a Thursday press conference.

“And if the filibuster gets in the way, it’s like voting rights, it should be … we provide an exception … to the filibuster,” Biden said.

The president was speaking in the backdrop of the 2022 NATO Summit in Madrid, Spain.

“It’s a serious, serious problem that the court has thrust upon the United States, not just in terms of the right to choose, but in terms of the right to who you can marry … a whole range of issues related to privacy,” Biden continued at the news conference.

Should Senate Democrats in the 50-50 upper chamber of Congress decide to suspend the filibuster, they would be able to pass legislation codifying Roe v. Wade into law by a simple majority of 51 votes.

If all 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats vote along party lines and the house is equally divided on the bill, Vice President Kamala Harris, a Democrat, would be able to exercise special voting rights and vote to pass the bill.

Once both chambers of Congress pass the bill, Biden can sign it into law.

Under regular circumstances, however, Senate Democrats require a minimum of 60 votes to pass legislation by overcoming potential hurdles arising from a filibuster.

To suspend the filibuster — a move described as a “nuclear option” — Democrats would need only a simple majority. This is due to a loophole in rule XX of the Standing Rules of the United States Senate.

Rule XX stipulates that a “question of order may be raised at any stage of the proceedings … and … shall be decided by the Presiding Officer without debate, subject to an appeal to the Senate … and every appeal therefrom shall be decided at once, and without debate.”

To trigger a suspension of the filibuster, Democratic Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer would first need to raise a point of order, calling for a vote by a simple majority on the bill in question. The Senate President would then deny the point of order, citing Senate rules.

Schumer must then appeal the Chair’s ruling by requesting a majority vote on the ruling, after which the Senate would vote on the ruling by simple majority. Depending on the outcome, the filibuster is suspended, and a new precedent is set.

It remains unclear, however, if all Democrats would be on board with suspending the filibuster, leaving the question of whether Democrats would get the simple majority needed to change Senate rules unanswered.

Democratic Sens. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia have previously expressed opposition to suspending the filibuster to pass legislation Democrats consider important, despite opposition from fellow Democrats.

Both senators have expressed worries that suspending the filibuster would alter Senate conventions and that this alteration could hurt Democrats when Republicans take control of the Senate and use it against them.

“This question is less about the immediate results from any of these Democratic or Republican goals — it is the likelihood of repeated radical reversals in federal policy, cementing uncertainty, deepening divisions and further eroding Americans’ confidence in our government,” Sinema wrote in a 2021 opinion piece for The Washington Post.

“While many try to ignore this history, they do so without fully understanding the long-term institutional and democratic damage this will do to the Senate and our nation,” Manchin said in a news release from his office earlier this year.

“Allowing one party to exert complete control in the Senate with only a simple majority will only pour fuel onto the fire of political whiplash and dysfunction that is tearing this nation apart – especially when one party controls both Congress and the White House,” Manchin further stated in the news release.

Since the Supreme Court’s landmark Friday ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, Democrats have called for a ‘right’ to abortion to be enshrined in federal law.

Biden’s Thursday remarks come as Democrats seek to garner victories desperately ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, which are set to be a challenging period for Democrats in light of Biden’s tanking popularity numbers.

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Watch: Pro-Abortion Extremist Smashes Up Church - Facing Hate Crime Charges

Bellevue, Washington, police officers arrested city resident and pro-abortion activist Maeve Jacqueline Nota on “suspicion [of] a hate crime and assault” on Tuesday. Angry over the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade, Nota allegedly smashed two glass doors and spray painted the entrance of the St. Louise Catholic Church and attacked an employee of the church.

In a second Twitter post, the BPD reported: “The graffiti painted on church walls and artifacts was anti-Catholic. According to the RCW [Revised Code of Washington], a hate crime includes acts that ‘Defaces religious real property with words, symbols, or items that are derogatory to persons of the faith associated with the property.'”

In the video below, posted by Seattle-based radio host Jason Rantz, Nota can be seen smashing the doors and spray painting graffiti on the outside wall of the church.

According to Rantz, the BPD alleged that, upon arrest, Nota “busted up a police cruiser.”

Below are several photographs of the damage.

Rantz learned from the King County Prosecutor’s Office that Nota “refused to leave her cell and go to court — meaning defense can’t argue for bail.”

Shortly afterward, he reported that “Nota waived the right to appear, but the first appearance judge found probable cause for a hate crime and malicious mischief.” He added that prosecutors were awaiting additional documents from BPD investigators before they could file felony charges.

The left’s reaction to the Roe decision illustrates key differences between liberals and conservatives.

The Supreme Court did not criminalize abortion. It simply returned legal authority over abortion to the states.

The incendiary rhetoric and disinformation that’s come from Democratic politicians has only exacerbated the situation. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Rep. Maxine Waters of California come to mind.

After a leaked copy of the Supreme Court’s draft opinion in the case was published in early May, the protests began.

Hoping to get one of the Court’s conservative justices to change their preliminary decision, the far-left group “Ruth Sent Us” organized protests in front of their homes. Their website displayed a google map with pins revealing each of their addresses.

Will the Kings County district attorney actually do his job and prosecute Nota?

Although it is illegal to protest in front of a judge’s home, Attorney General Merrick Garland, the top law enforcement official in the U.S., did nothing to stop it. He refused to do his job.

Weeks later, a man traveled to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s Maryland home armed with a gun, ammunition and tools to break into the house. This man told police he had planned to assassinate Kavanaugh.

Pro-abortion activists also vandalized pregnancy centers in some states.

Last week’s final ruling on Roe triggered a new round of protests throughout the country, some of which turned violent.

KTLA reported that a protester allegedly attacked a police officer with a “makeshift flamethrower” late Friday night in Los Angeles. He was part of a group that was throwing makeshift weapons, including fireworks, at the officers.

This infantile behavior is something we’ve come to expect from the left.

And sadly, it’s condoned at the top.

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Final Living American Medal of Honor Winner from World War II Passes Away

The Greatest Generation is fading away.

The final living American who received the Congressional Medal of Honor for heroism in World War II passed away on Wednesday.

Hershel “Woody” Williams was 98 years old, according to the Marine Corps Times.

He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his acts of heroism in the Battle of Iwo Jima in February 1945.

Williams landed on the heavily fortified Pacific island with the 3rd Marine Division as a demolition sergeant.

The West Virginia native’s Medal of Honor Citation described how he “fought desperately for four hours under terrific enemy small-arms fire and repeatedly returned to his own lines to prepare demolition charges and obtain serviced flamethrowers.”

The Marine advanced alone on superior Japanese positions, covered only by four riflemen.

The citation described how Williams “daringly mounted a pillbox to insert the nozzle of his flamethrower through the air vent,” killing the Japanese soldiers inside who were attacking his comrades with machinegun fire.

Williams was decorated with the Medal of Honor at the White House in October 1945. President Harry Truman bestowed him with the highest honor awarded to American service members.

Williams was the last surviving Medal of Honor awardee as of late 2021, according to the American Veterans Center.

With his death, the American heroes have all faded into history.

Williams died at a Veterans Affairs Hospital that bore his own name in his honor, in Huntington, West Virginia.

If you end up dying in a hospital that’s named after you, you’ve probably done something right in life.

In a statement after his death, Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia hailed Williams as “the embodiment of a true American hero.”

Manchin recounted visiting Williams for the last time on Sunday, just days before his death. The Marine Corps veteran asked him to complete the Donel C. Kinnard Memorial State Veterans Cemetery to honor America’s service members in their final meeting, according to Manchin.

“Woody’s family would like to express their sincere gratitude for all the love and support,” the Facebook page of Williams’ personal foundation stated.

“Woody’s wish is that people continue to carry on his mission.”

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Jordan Peterson Just Signed a Multiyear Contract for His Podcast

Conservative media company The Daily Wire signed a multiyear deal with Canadian clinical psychologist, author and University of Toronto professor emeritus Jordan B. Peterson, the company announced Wednesday.

The company’s new premium subscription service — “DailyWire+” — will manage the sales and distribution of “The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast” under the agreement, according to a news release from The Daily Wire.

DailyWire+ subscribers will have access to exclusive bonus content at the end of every podcast episode, along with subscriber-only specials where Peterson will bring in special guests to his show.

“The launch of DailyWire+ marks the beginning of an aggressive technological and content expansion for us,” The Daily Wire co-Chief Executive Officer Jeremy Boreing said, according to the news release.

“The addition of Dr. Jordan Peterson, the pre-eminent public intellectual of our time, should indicate exactly how serious we are about bringing quality counter-cultural voices to the fore,” Boreing added.

The subscription service now hosts Peterson’s existing podcast and video library, which, according to the Daily Wire, has bagged over half-billion views and downloads since 2016.

Peterson’s podcast will still be available on traditional podcast platforms, such as Apple and Spotify. However, all money from advertisements would accrue to DailyWire+. New episodes in the podcast will be released twice per week, according to The Daily Wire.

In addition to the podcast, the subscription service will produce premium content by the bestselling author. The first installment in the premium library is the now-available four-part series “Dragons, Monsters and Men,” where Peterson discusses masculinity, men and purpose.

“Obviously, there’s a huge shift in media technology from whatever was the legacy media in print, video, entertainment and in the digital world, and clearly DailyWire+ is at the forefront of that,” Peterson said when asked about why he joined the platform, the news release stated.

“Partnering with a company that shares my own values for excellence and entrepreneurial vision is the natural next step for me,” Peterson said, adding that “it’s time for a new adventure.”

In the last three months, The Daily Wire has raised its number of paying subscribers to 890,000, inching closer to its one million subscriber goal, Forbes reported. In April, the subscriber count stood next to 600,000, according to the outlet.

With the new changes and the launch of DailyWire+, Forbes reported that the company could reach the one million subscriber goal faster than expected.

The DailyWire+ is the company’s new video-on-demand and podcast streaming venture. Speaking to Forbes, Boreing suggested that the company created DailyWire+ to be the home of its entertainment and video content separate from its news outlet but within the Daily Wire umbrella.

“A news website making westerns is already a brand stretch, and no one wants The New York Times to present children’s entertainment,” Boreing told Forbes.

“So, it’s time for something new. A new brand to house all of this new content. A new brand that is still The Daily Wire, but it’s also movies and documentaries and cartoons. It’s still The Daily Wire, but it’s not just political news and commentary shows — it’s sports and entertainment and philosophy. It’s still The Daily Wire, plus a whole lot more,” Boering said.

DailyWire+ currently includes The Daily Wire, The World of Jordan Peterson and DailyWire movies, such as the “Terror on the Prairie” and “Shut In.” Starting in 2023, the service will also provide an offering for kids, the news release stated.

“Over the next nine months,” Boreing told Forbes senior contributor Andy Meek on Wednesday, “Our entire infrastructure will be updated to create a state-of-the-art SVOD platform for our rapidly expanding content library.”

“Our security will be enhanced, our subscription funnel will be enhanced, our streaming function will be enhanced and, most importantly, our user experience will be enhanced,” Boering said.

In addition to signing Peterson on to a multiyear deal, The Daily Wire has also expanded its current agreement with PragerU, the company’s news release stated.

A new series from PragerU titled “PragerU Master’s Program with Dennis Prager” will be launching this fall and will be exclusively available to DailyWire+ subscribers.

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Defensive NYC Mayor Desperately Quotes the Bible After Realizing Just How Bad His City Is

Democratic New York Mayor Eric Adams experienced an epiphany of biblical proportions after discovering just how badly the liberal city had been managed for the past few years.

According to the New York Post, Adams “said the scales fell from his eyes when he began reviewing internal city operations following his swearing in moments after midnight on New Year’s Day.”

The phrase comes from the account of Saul’s conversion in the book of Acts.

“Let me tell you something: When I started looking into this, I was shocked at how bad this place is,” the mayor said Monday in his interview with the Post, which was conducted during a three-hour subway ride.

“It was probably the third — third or fourth week in January. I spent a lot of time in the office. And I started peeling back layers and what it started to unveil to me is how we just had this good shell, but underneath — it’s bad,” he said.

As a reminder, radical leftist Bill de Blasio was mayor from 2014 through 2021, during which time crime skyrocketed, homelessness soared and the city got dirtier and less liveable.

Adams told the Post he was “shocked” that municipal bureaucrats had grossly misused resources, especially the police force.

Tragically, this incompetence occurred as the city was being engulfed by Black Lives Matter riots and the “defund the police” push in 2020.

What’s truly shocking is that the mayor was “shocked” at how inefficiently New York City was run for years. Has he been living under a rock?

As a Brooklyn native and a former captain of the New York Police Department, Adams undoubtedly saw with his own eyes how crime had surged to terrifying levels in recent years.

At one point, Adams was also an officer with the city’s transit police, so it’s disingenuous of him to suggest he had no idea how bad things had gotten.

During the three-term tenure of former Mayor Mike Bloomberg (who was voted into office as a Republican), the city was dramatically safer, cleaner and more liveable.

Today, New York streets and subways have devolved into killing fields where criminals run amok after being emboldened by Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies.

The city’s catastrophic decline began shortly after de Blasio took office and escalated during his tenure.

Adams had touted himself as a Democrat who would be tough on crime. So far, however, he has done little to combat the terrifying violence roiling his city except screech about “gun control.”

For the record, New York has among the strictest gun laws in the country. But that has not stopped criminal thugs from getting their hands on guns — illegally.

It’s great that Adams admits that things are “bad” in New York. But it seems he’s merely trying to deflect responsibility and accountability for the dismal state of his city right now.

The next few months will determine if this mayor lives up to his campaign promises to restore order. The clock is ticking, and New Yorkers are getting impatient.

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NYC Rattled After 20-Year-Old Woman Is Attacked and Killed While Pushing Her Baby in a Stroller

Death invaded New York City’s Upper East Side Wednesday night as a 20-year-old woman was shot to death while pushing her three-month-old baby in a stroller.

The baby was unharmed in the 8:30 p.m. attack, in which a man approached the woman from behind and shot her once in the back of the head at point-blank range at Lexington Avenue and East 95th Street, according to the New York Post.

The woman was found unconscious but alive. She died in Metropolitan Hospital about an hour after she was found. She was not identified.

The suspect was wearing a black hoodie and sweatpants. Police said he fled the scene on foot. He had not been identified or found as of early Thursday.

“When a mother’s pushing a baby carriage down the block … and is shot at point-blank range — this shows just how this national problem is impacting families and doesn’t matter if you are on the Upper East Side or East New York, Brooklyn,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams said.

WNBC-TV reported that police are investigating whether the suspect had a relationship with the woman or could be the father of the child.

Has violence inundated New York City?

Stephanie McGraw, the founder of We All Really Matter, a Harlem-based group in support of domestic violence victims, was within the crime scene tape Wednesday night, according to The New York Times.

McGraw did not elaborate on why she was there, but said domestic abuse might be involved.

“You don’t just randomly shoot a woman with a small child point blank in the head,” McGraw said. “That’s rage.”

WABC-TV spoke to a 10-year-old girl it called a witness.

“I just heard a huge noise. It was just one, but it was extremely loud, like, ‘Boom!'” the child, whose name was not used, said.

“I seen a lot of people running, and then I saw a few people. Like, I saw a woman down there, she fell. And at first I thought, ‘Is she OK?’ And then I saw people calling 911 and cops pull up,” she said.

Police are asking for help finding the suspect.

“We’re going to find this person that is guilty of this horrific crime,” Adams said. “We’re going to find him and bring him to justice … to make sure that innocent person receives that justice.”

According to NY1, Adams cited criminal justice reforms and restraints impeding law enforcement for the increase in gun crimes.

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Owner of 13 Businesses Pulls His Company from Chicago Amid Crime Crisis: 'Enough Is Enough'

Chicago used to be his kind of town. No more, says Gary Rabine, who is joining the list of people and corporations moving their businesses out of the crime-drenched city.

Amid a 35 percent increase in crime over a year ago, business exits are on the rise, according to Fox News.

Billionaire Ken Griffin is moving his hedge fund firm, Citadel, out of the Windy City. Caterpillar, the construction equipment company, is forsaking its Chicago-area headquarters to move to Texas. Boeing is also moving out, leaving Chicago for Virginia.

Next in line is Rabine, the founder of the Rabine Group and owner of 13 businesses. His road-paving company is hitting the highway and getting out of Chicago, he said.

“We would do thousands of jobs a year in the city, but as we got robbed more, my people operating rollers and pavers we got robbed, our equipment would get stolen in broad daylight and there would usually be a gun involved, and it got expensive and it got dangerous,” Rabine told Fox News this week.

The additional cost of security and insurance meant jobs cost “twice as much as they should be,” he said, noting that work done for utilities ultimately meant ratepayers who could not afford it bore the extra costs.

Would you move your business out of Chicago if you had one?

“What happened eventually is we said enough is enough,” Rabine said.

“We stopped doing work down there, we stopped doing work for the gas company, the electric company, the south side, the west side, and eventually all over Chicago. Those companies now work in other places. They work over the border in Wisconsin, the outer suburbs of Chicago, where they feel safer,” he said.

Rabine said public safety is the foundation for any company to succeed.

“If you want a great culture in your company, you have to have people that love being on the team and they don’t want to live in a violent area. They don’t want to live in a place where their kids can’t walk to school safely and their wives and kids can’t go shopping in a beautiful environment like Michigan Avenue, which was once the safest place you could ever go shopping,” he said.

Rabine had two reasons Chicago continues to decline — Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Democratic Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker.

“Lightfoot is a lousy leader,” he told Fox News. “She doesn’t stand up for the community at all.”

“We have to get this governor out,” Rabine said. “He’s a socialist Democrat, a lousy leader, and a terrible American.”

In fact, he ran as a candidate to replace Pritzker but finished fourth in the Republican gubernatorial primary on Tuesday.

Griffin was clear about the impact of crime when he said his hedge fund was leaving town.

“If people aren’t safe here, they’re not going to live here,” he told The Wall Street Journal. “I’ve had multiple colleagues mugged at gunpoint. I’ve had a colleague stabbed on the way to work. Countless issues of burglary. I mean, that’s a really difficult backdrop with which to draw talent to your city from.”

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